Station Starts Work On Tower Without Permits


It’s probably a good idea to make sure you have all the permits you need from the local town before you start digging huge holes in their community. KOWS, which broadcasts to West Sonoma County and portions of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol in California, is in hot water for diggin huge holes without receiving proper approval.

The Sonoma West Times and News reports the station broke city ordinances when a contractor began trenching work for the tower on city property.

The City Manager told the paper, “Nothing was complied with. We were contacted about what was going on and issued a cease and desist once we went up to the site.”

KOWS Community Radio member Laura Goldman wrote in a statement that KOWS accepts responsibility. “It was an honest mistake caused by miscommunication between KOWS and the installation contractor, who incorrectly assumed KOWS had taken care of the permit and lease details.”


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