Is Laura Ingraham About To Blaze A New Trail?


If, as the leaks suggest, radio’s own Laura Ingraham is appointed to the role of press secretary once Donald Trump assumes the presidency, it will be noteworthy for radio. The conservative talk show host would be only the third woman to hold the position – which dates back to 1929 – and the first since Dana Perino (2007-2009). And while most press secretaries come from the political world, Ingraham is one of very few to come from radio, although she did work as a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan. (The previous radio identity of note was Tony Snow.) She has also used the Laura Ingraham Show to push hard for Trump throughout his campaign, and helped him prepare for the debates. So how likely is the appointment? According to the Hill, which cites “two sources with direct knowledge,” Ingraham is “under serious consideration.” Of possible detriment to her chances is the fact that Ingraham has been embroiled in her fair share of controversy, including her remarks about Jews not being a minority when discussing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders on her show. And many Republicans in DC still remember her as one of the key reasons Rep. Dave Brat managed to beat then-House Majority Leader Eric Canto in 2014.

It will also be interesting to hear the reaction from Howard Stern who is one of the people Ingraham regards as a major enemy of “traditional American values,” and along with Hugh Hefner and others, a purveyor of “filth.”


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