Relevant Radio And Immaculate Heart To Merge


The merger of the two religious broadcasters, Relevant Radio and Immaculate Heart Radio, would mean the delivery of their Catholic programming to over 108 AM and FM radio stations and translators in 36 states, reaching 133 million people. The new larger network will operate in 15 of the top 50 markets, including the four largest markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Immaculate Heart Radio owns 34 stations and translators in six western states, plus six affiliates who carry some or all of its programming. Relevant Radio owns 20 stations, plus they have 46 affiliates.

Executive Director of Relevant Radio, Rev. Francis Hoffman, said, “As a result of the union, over $30 million will be raised over the next three years to substantially strengthen the financial condition of the network and free up resources to be invested in programming, mission advancement, and emerging media opportunities. Already, generous benefactors have pledged $22 million towards these efforts. We are more than two-thirds of the way there and efforts are ongoing to complete the campaign. We will close as soon as possible in 2017 after FCC approval.”


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