Innes Returns And Quickly Takes Shots


It didn’t take former Philadelphia sports talker Josh Innes long to throw some verbal jabs at a few people from his new home in Houston. Innes replaced long-time SportsTalk 790 KBME host Charlie Pallilo and said this about him, according to “I don’t need to hear how I’m replacing a legend. Generally speaking, legends don’t get shown the door for an unemployed jamoke who was doing a show from his couch.”

He also took aim at his former PD back in Philadelphia. You never know the exact reason why someone gets fired, however, Innes lost his job at WIP in August after he posted a picture of Al Jolson in blackface while criticizing competitor Mike Missanelli. At the time Missanelli was caught up in a controversy regarding a fake caller. Innes said of his former PD at WIP Spike Eskin: “You either have bad ratings, or your program director is a cowardly scumbag who claims you’re a racist and fires you.”

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle did a lengthy piece on the Pallilo firing and Innes as his replacement. Hoffman asked Innes what direction he would be taking the show, being that Pallilo was known as a straight forward sports encyclopedia. Hoffman said to Innes, “The perception is that you’re a loudmouth who says outrageous things and you push the boundary of sexual and racial material.”

And Innes responded, “I don’t do much sexual material. Millennials have the internet for that. Yes, I do racial material, and I may not be politically correct. But it’s unfair to pull out one sentence that I said without hearing it in context of the show. I shouldn’t say I won’t do any sexual material, because guys do talk about hot chicks. I’m just not dependent on it.”



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