The Vibe Of Talent Management


(by Buzz Knight) The world of talent management needs an overhaul when it comes to positivity. Also, last week I discussed the importance of empathy in talent management. And the two characteristics are critical building blocks to success. Empathy + Positivity = Talent Productivity.

As a talent manager take an inventory audit of your own emotional bank. How joyful are you about your work as you sit down to meet with your talent? Your talent has a great knack for reading vibes, and if you walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders, they will know it instantly. Do you really feel proud of the work you and your team is doing at that moment you walk into your talent coaching session?

Sounds easy — like you have that covered — but once again your on-air talent reads a down vibe like a book. Walk in and be proud of all of the work they are doing and they will be too. Are you walking into the room to inspire your team or admonish them for not following your guidance. Admonishment may at times be needed, but if you are really trying to get your team moving, walk in with the goal of inspiring them.

Lastly, does your talent fill you with a sense of amusement? Surely their quirks challenge your temperament but they amuse you for other reasons. Exploit the amusement. Talent enjoys that. Here’s a bonus thought. Be calm when you sit down. To quote the great Frank Costanza from Seinfeld, ” Serenity now!”

Your talent appreciates that.


  1. Thanks, Buzz. I’ll take that as a “no”. 🙂
    Still, your points are well taken. Radio’s approach to so many things can be described as “stuck in the glue”.

  2. Thanks Ronald
    I’m not going to lie but as managers we have all made mistakes with our touch.
    Just look how the world of sports coaching has evolved.
    As far as the on air gig Ronald. Never say Never!

  3. If Buzz had been my PD, I might have continued after 32 years of pulling shifts. By then – and even while generating box car numbers – I could no longer tolerate the on-air portion of my career. I moved to agency creative and, of course, continued as a V/O-ho’.
    With the exception of one “prince” (RIP), my PD’s all operated using the B.I.T.B. method.
    “Because I’m The Boss!”
    It wasn’t until a couple of years later did I learn that, too often, “Control” was more important then “Effect”.
    So, uhh… Buzz. When do I start? 🙂


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