KCAA Host To Appear On People’s Court


KCAA Riverside, CA, CEO Fred Lundgren tells Radio Ink comedian Dave Shelton is sueing the station and morning host Gary Garver (pictured) because he claims he was supposed to be paid for being a recurring guest.

Shelton claimed he was promised compensation for his appearances on Garver’s show. Garver and Lundgren said no promise was ever made, that his appearances were in exchange for free publicity. Shelton and Garver squared of on the TV Show The People’s Court in January and the episode will air Thursday May 5.

KCAA is heard in Riverside and San Bernardino


  1. Brokered radio shows are paid for by people who want their own radio show… anyone can have “their own show!” They’re amateurish, and most often don’t bring in any revenue because the people involved aren’t pros. The station makes money on the person who wants “their own show.” Real Pros are paid by the station… they don’t “pay the station” or work for free publicity.


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