NASH Country Weekly Magazine Goes Web Only


No more printing 35,000 weekly copies of the magazine Cumulus purchased in 2014. The company says it’s still committed to NASH and will now use the money being lost printing the magazine into other NASH-branded products.

Content will still be produced by Editor-in-Chief Lisa Konicki and her staff and updated daily at The last print issue will be April 22. No word on how many employees were let go but there were layoffs. Here’s the official statement from Cumulus.

“Following the issue on stands April 22nd, NASH Country Weekly will relaunch as NASH Country Daily, with country lifestyle content available exclusively digitally, via Cumulus’ extensive digital footprint, reaching over 1,000,000 country enthusiasts monthly. This obviously far exceeds the magazine’s current 35,000 print circulation and will enable more up-to-the minute distribution of content,” announced NCW Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Konicki, who will remain in her role with Nash Country Daily.   Mike McVay, SVP of content and programming, Cumulus Media & Westwood One added, “This is a win-win. While enabling exponentially more country music fans to access NASH content, when and where they choose, it frees significant resources for us to laser-focus and double down on our investment in the properties and platforms of the powerful NASH brand that present the greatest growth potential. We remain deeply committed to NASH, proud of its cultural significance and influence in the country community and optimistic about its future.”


  1. Loved the magazine and had purchased it for years. Sad that it is no longer available in print form. Was going to subscribe to the magazine but now I’m glad I didn”t….

  2. I am very very disappointed that I can’t get my Nash Country Weekly anymore at any store!!!! I have been looking for it for several months now. I like to buy it when my favorite artist like Gary Allan is on the front cover or there a small article is in there about him and his music!!! Very very heartbroken that I can’t get Nash Country weekly anymore!!!!!!

  3. I gotta say reading everyone’s post about the magazine I agree…… I love the paper version of the country magazine my heart broke when I found out and very confused why? Nobody talks to eachother anymore all they do is communicate through gadgets……. Now instead of reading a good book or magazine by Turing the page you want us to scroll through what’s the point of reading it then !! Bring the magazine back somehow you would make a lot of ppl happy !

  4. Nash country weekly in my option you need to make up your mind about refund just because your mother carried you for nine mouths doesent mean us subscribers want to

  5. Months later I still have received no response on how to get my refund very disappointed I want the paper newsstands issue’s only!

  6. I had subscription which was paid thru until November 2017. When do I get my money back? I am very disappointed you are not publishing the magazine any more.

  7. I was wandering when you will be giving refunds on mine and everybody else’s subscriptions that they paid for. I paid for another 2 years for my subscription and had no reply or anything about getting a refund. Not everybody likes to go digital.

  8. I’m sorry to hear this and will miss NCW magazine. I’m a long-time subscriber paid through May 2017. I expect to receive a refund for unissued magazines. Thank you.

  9. I really loved the paper copy of the magazine to. It was nice to know the information inside the country music world. I hope some you went electronic only you do not charge since I preferred the paper one instead. I to still had more to come to me and want a refund.

  10. I have a subscription good through December 2017. I definitely would like a refund. Not interested in digital only

  11. are we going to get refunds? i have 9 months left and just mailed a check two weeks ago to renew as no one notfied me of the cancelation.

  12. Big mistake going digital only. Should have at least continued printing for current subscribers and stopped sending to retail outlets. I have about two years on my subscription service. I will be expecting a refund for my unissued mags. Have no interest in your on-line service.

  13. ~When my daughter found out about this change, it didn’t make her very happy~Her subscription runs out in November~Need a refund here!!~

  14. I too will miss my weekly country fix. I have been reading this magazine for years and think it is the worst decision you could have made to stop”printing”.

  15. So disappointed to no longer be able to buy a printed copy. I always looked forward to my weekly purchase , my Friday night entertainment. I’m not interested at seeing or looking at a computer. It’s left a hole in my life!

  16. I haven’t been able to find the Nash Country Weekly magazine for a couple of weeks when I noticed on your website that it will not be published anymore. I very, very disappointed as I have been reading it for years and before it was just Country Weekly. I really enjoyed reading the articles and information on country stars and music. Are you going to replace it with another magazine or do you know of another country music magazine I can purchase? I really like to read a paper product and not just look at a website. I have been a country music fan for over 20 years and I will really miss your magazine.


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