Make Your Content Better In 2016


My 15-year-old complains all the time if a movie or TV show comes on and doesn’t immediately begin. In other words, he doesn’t want to see the credits, hear a theme song, or see some visuals. He wants the baby. Right away.

This is the world you and I live in today. Complain if you like, but you will get nowhere. Today’s world is highly visible (video if possible) and in today’s world you should always be trying to share value, fun, spectacle, or heart.

In radio, we are fortunate to have a lot of ways to do this, but if you are truly smart, you’ll try to tie that to your local listeners and community and make a name for yourself doing so. You can do this best by asking questions.

  1. What is my listener thinking about right now?
  2. What is the most important thing to my listener right now?
  3. What is my best value I can share in our social media right now?
  4. What’s the most visual way I can express the fun of what we are doing right now?
  5. What is the most touching way I can reach our listeners in social media?

I see a lot of posts in social media by radio. Much of it is click bait and corporate mandated stuff. Okay, we all have to do what we do when working for “the man,” but in thinking about your overall career path, you should think about how you can set yourself apart. To do that, ask the above five questions a lot. It will help you stay “in the now.”  They will also help you focus on the things that can keep you relevant in social media to your listeners.

As ever, I suggest that you find ways to bring listeners in social media back to the products radio owns. Always twist things back to you. Do that and you are a winner.


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