Cumulus Announces New KGO Talk Lineup


And that includes keeping Ronn Owens in his original timeslot (minus one hour) and not moving him to KSFO. Cumulus says the change in plans was due to “listener outcry.”

As we reported last week, Armstrong & Getty (pictured) are moving over from iHeartMedia and will take mornings (6-10 a.m.). Owens will start at 10 a.m., rather than 9 a.m., and run until noon. Here is KGO’s new lineup, which follows the dismantling of the news department, and many pink slips.

The Ethan Bearman Show will broadcast from 12 Noon-2PM. Bearman previously hosted a weekend show on KGO 810, and prior to that, hosted a talk show on 560 KSFO.
The Brian Copeland Show will air from 2-4 p.m. Copeland previously hosted a Sunday afternoon talk show on KGO 810, which debuted in 1994.
The Chip Franklin Show moves from weekdays, Noon to 3 p.m., to Afternoon Drive, weekdays from 4-7 p.m.
– DreX has hosted KGO’s nighttime talk show, The DreX Radio Show, since his debut on the station last January. He remains in the 7-10 p.m. slot.

Nationally syndicated talk host Mark Levin remains in the 3-6 p.m. slot on KSFO.

KGO/KSFO Program Director Mike Anthony said: “We couldn’t be more excited about the new direction KGO 810 is taking, and we believe our listeners will love what they hear. Ronn’s audience made it very clear to us yesterday that he belongs at KGO — so we listened. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Armstrong and Getty to KGO mornings, followed by Ronn’s much-loved show, with Ethan Bearman and Brian Copeland broadcasting through the afternoon. Chip Franklin will take KGO listeners through Afternoon Drive into the evening, when DreX brings it home nights. This is a new day for KGO 810, and we can’t wait to get started next Tuesday!”


  1. Hate John Bachlor show!! He is sooo stuffy and boring, has NO personality!! Put back the Coast to Coast am Show with George Noorie!! He is smart, warm & really connects with with his huge audience!! John Bachelor sucks Big Time!!!!!!

  2. I have lived in the bay area for over 50 years, Grew up listening to really good talk radio on KGO. The only 3 talents left are Pat Thurston, John Rothmann and Ron Owens.

    I do not know one person who listens to Armstrong & Getty in the am. We have all gone to NPR 88 on the fm band. So who exactly are you targeting? Let’s see, older generations (my parents & friends) 60 to 85 are simply not listening anymore. My generation 40 to 60 have all gone to FM88. And there is no way your target audience is under 40. There is NO way you’ve got them with this line-up.

    How many shake ups are you going to do before you realize that the tried and true business model for this station was the best before Cumu bought it.

  3. Terrible lineup except for Copeland who actually is interesting and intelligent. JOHN Bachelor? Where did you dig up this bore? All he has on are parrots for Trump. Pat Thurston is fine, not given enough on-air time. What happened to Rothman? Probably too good for you. KGO lately sucks and there’s not a whole lot of reason anymore to tune in. Armstrong and Getty make me cringe, awful. Like to 13 yr olds and Trumpanzees as well. KGO please get a life.

  4. This new generation of KGO stinks. The afternoon programs are rebroadcast the same night. What kind of programming is that. I listen less and less all of the time. Armstrong and Getty in the morning seem to enjoy themselves a lot. Who cares what they think! Ethan Bearman could be retired! The way the carry on personal conversations is enough to make me turn the radio off at that time of day! Bring back the “old generation.” What a way to kill what was a great radio station, in my opinion.

  5. This new format is horrible and I dread listening to Armstrong and Getty on my way to work. Chip Franklin isn’t much better as I’m driving home. I’ve been a KGO listener for over 30 years and have just about had enough of the new hosts. Whoever decided to make the changes made a huge mistake. Adios. Got to find another station to listen to.

  6. KGO has probably kept from crashing my car after working 3-11 shift in a busy hospital by listening to Bill Wattenburg until they got rid of him (I didn’t miss him). He annoyed me the way he talked down to anyone who disagreed with him. Franklin should be put on the late shift. He’s just as annoying. It is good to see Ron Owens is remaining. He is intelligent, explores ideas that are opposite to his own, and deserves all the awards he received. KGO has to make change, but thank God it is not Ron Owens. The advertisements are always so loud, I turn off the radio or turn the volume so low, so I don’t have to hear them. The traffic coverage is good and the news.

  7. Ah yes, Gil Gross is an “actual talent” who now gets even lower ratings at KKSF than the “failed” format at KGO. Great idea.

  8. Oh BFD , Armstrong and Getty .Such powerhouse yucksters .Give me a break . Your genius management decided years ago to dump most of the News talk and go head to head with KCBS , and it FAILED . You got rid Gil Gross , an actual talent . You dumped Len Tillum , an extremely popular host . Now you want to go back ? at least you kept Brian Copeland .Most of those other shmucks will walk o soon enough .Oh , we are all so excited .


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