Koenigsberg Wants To Make Radio Creative Sexy

    The two biggest problems with radio advertising have always been too many ads and too many bad ads. Now, one of radio’s biggest cheerleaders — on the agency side — is trying to solve problem number two. Horizon CEO Bill Koenigsberg has always been a fan of radio and now he’s forming a new audio creative and production division called Wordsworth & Booth. The main goal of the new entity is to make radio creative sexy again.
    Koenigsberg tells AdAge that, “Audio creative often takes a back seat, but radio is the number-one reach medium. So as television’s audience declines, radio becomes even more important to fill in that missing reach. Radio reaches 245 million consumers a month, and in order to effectively communicate with this massive audience, the talent, creative, and content needs to be more impactful and more thoughtful. Radio provides a direct line to our emotions, moods, and memories.”
    Koenigsberg  says he’s been advocating for years that the radio creative world needed to up its game. “Radio creative is handled by traditional agencies or freelanced out,” said Mr. Koenigsberg. “No hot creative director says, ‘I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that radio creative.’ They want TV; we intend to change that.”
    Tony Mennuto, formerly VP-branded content solutions at CBS Altitude Group, will lead Wordsworth & Booth as president, overseeing all creative and production services.
    Read the full AdAge story HERE.


    1. Aha! Somebody else who has a.) figured it put, and b.) appreciates an income opportunity.
      I hope there is an understanding that, besides re-educating potential advertisers, it’s going to take more than just whizzy “creative”.
      Granted, any whizzy creative will still be extremely be refreshing.


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