Van Dyke: Pandora Listeners Grow Dissatisfied With Service


Bridge Ratings says it has been tracking the growth of Pandora since 2006 and in 2010 Bridge published an analysis of consumer use of Pandora. That analysis was updated for the past four years. Bridge Ratings Media Research President Dave Van Dyke says in January 2015, 75% of Pandora users who had been using the service for six months or less were highly satisfied with their listening experience. In January of 2016 72% were highly satisfied. “As you can see, over time satisfaction levels decrease consistently.”

The following chart displays the results of analyzing the Satisfaction levels over time. It compares responses from January 2015 and January 2016.

Pandora Satisfaction

Pandora Satisfaction levels were gauged in the following areas: Music selection – does the music Pandora serves you meet or exceed your expectations? Song and artist repetition, sound quality, song and artist variety, song and artist quantity and listening occasions. When asked about their actual listening experiences with Pandora, the study examined the average number of times per day (occasions) by Pandora prime users. (Prime users are defined as Pandora listeners who rated Pandora as their primary source for Internet radio).

Van Dyke says findings from this study and others conducted by Bridge Ratings over the past three years have uncovered a phenomenon of media time compression which is limiting consumption of all things related to media. “Video, audio and print communication made available through new digital devices has increased many-fold for media consumers. Attention spans have had to adjust to the availability of more media. We are finding that total time spent per week with all media has expanded resulting in some forms of media entertainment experiencing shorter time spent or fewer listening occasions.”

He says attention spans for preferred content are expanding at the expense of others. “Based on interviews with our panelists, Pandora is experiencing similar reductions in time-spent and satisfaction as other media. With increasing competition and falling profits, the company has entered a new mature phase of its growth cycle.”

Read more about this study HERE


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