Christian: Local Is Where We Excel


Saga CEO Ed Christian said local revenue at Saga speaks volumes about the company, pointing out that 90% of the revenue from Saga’s largest market, Milwaukee, is coming from local. “I’m old school with new techniques. You must spend money on both programming and sales.” And that’s what Christian says he plans to continue to do along with spending money on marketing and promotion.

Christian also said he’s created a new format, along with Bob Lawrence, called “The Outlaw” which the company has already launched in four markets. You can give a listen to Christian’s creation at


  1. They can’t do better than 10% national in Milwaukee because IHeart is cleaning their clock in ratings there. That market used to carry that company but the amount they bring to Saga’s bottom line has trended down annually for years, as has their investment in marketing, promotion, and research according to former employees. A look at Miller Kaplan will cause you to question a lot of what’s stated here in the happy talk trade press.

  2. Meanwhile, Ed offers the following: “You must spend money on both programming and sales.”
    With The Outlaw as an example, is he not throwing nickels around like they were manhole covers….?
    Harsh, perhaps. But, I mean: How does that so-called “format” do anything for anybody else?

  3. “And we don’t have any DJs to get in the way.”
    That’s called “Muzak”.
    Someday, he might consider getting back into Radio.


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