Dems Using Radio More Than Republicans


Media Monitors released its update on the primary election and caucuses in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire. This week the focus was on political radio ads that were run in Des Moines, IA, and Portsmouth-Dover, New Hampshire, from January 1 to January 24, 2016.

In Des Moines:
Media Monitors Political Chart twoCarly Fiorina’s Super PAC started to run a substantial campaign (399 spots) on radio in Des Moines, which as of Sunday, was slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton’s 326 spots. Bernie Sanders was right behind Clinton with 248 spots. Ted Cruz ran 125 radio commercials, while Donald Trump aired 129 spots. Ted Cruz’s Super PAC Keep The Promise also ran 48 spots. The Conservative Solution PAC aired only 21 spots promoting Marco Rubio.

The Super PAC Pursuing America’s Greatness ran 23 spots pro-Mike Huckabee, while adding 28 spots against Ted Cruz. The Super PAC Americans United for Values ran 21 spots against Ted Cruz.

In New Hampshire:
Media Monitors Political chart oneHillary Clinton ran the most to the tune of 1,427 spots year to date. Bernie Sanders was next with 1,097 spots in Portsmouth-Dover, New Hampshire.

The Conservative Solutions PAC (supporters of Marco Rubio) ran 512 spots against Chris Christie and 29 spots in favor of Rubio. Donald Trump only ran 103 spots, while Ted Cruz played 84 spots. American Leads, a pro-Chris Christie PAC, aired 58 spots promoting their candidate. The Keep The Promise PAC ran 46 spots and the Courageous Conservatives PAC also ran 39 spots, all for Senator Cruz. The Chris Christie campaign ran 24 spots.

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