Beasley and Renda Team to Fight Purchase


This FCC filing is over the planned ($3.04 Million) Fort Myers, FL purchase of WLVO-FM by Sun Broadcasting from EMF. This joint filing by two fierce Fort Myers competitors states that “Sun’s acquisition of WLVO does not comply with the Commission’s rules because evidence shows that Sun already exceeds the multiple ownership limit in Fort Myers through its de facto control of other stations in the market.”

The FCC filing goes on to say that Sun says it owns 3 FM’s, 2 AM’s and a TV station, however, Beasley and Renda believe that there is strong evidence that in addition to those six stations, Sun controls four more radio stations and one TV station in the market under “Fort Myers Broadcasting,” which puts them over the limit allowable under the FCC rules. There are 30 radio stations in the Fort Myers – Naples market. Renda and Beasley have asked the FCC to deny the purchase.


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