Cox Restarts Christian Music in Tulsa


Spirit 105.7, “Today’s Christian Music” has been launched by CMG in Tulsa. The “Spirit” brand was moved from its FM channel, to Cox Cable Channel 1982, back in 2009. At the time, news/talk station KRMG took over the 102.3 dial position to add an FM broadcast. CMG Director of Operations Steve Hunter said, “We conducted an audience poll and the response to bring Spirit back was amazing. We are thrilled to bring this great radio station back to Tulsa.” 105.7 is a new translator.


  1. About time. Spirit was way better than air 1 so I’m glad to have spirit back on the air.
    Now if they’d just get a stronger signal. before I could get it anywhere anytime in my truck, now,,,,
    not so much.


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