Mike Francesa Still Number One


12 27 15

Our 2015 list of the Top 30 Local Sports Talkers in America is out and once again WFAN’s Mike Francesa is number one. Francesa has been with Sportsradio WFAN for nearly three decades now and he’s been number one on our list since it began four years ago. CBS Radio President and CEO Andre Fernandez tells Radio Ink, “Mike Francesa’s stature in the industry is undeniable, and his presence on WFAN has made a lasting impact on all of sports radio. He has achieved the highest levels of success, with many accomplishments. Over more than two decades, Mike has shown an enduring commitment to delivering a dynamic show for his audience, and earned much respect in the process. He has proven time and again why he’s the best in the business.” Here is the complete list of 30 Top Local Sports Talkers in America


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