New Royalty Rates Expected Any Day



Broadcast attorney David Oxenford gives us the detail on when we can expect the new streaming rates which will cover the next fove years. He says the decision is supposed to be out by the 14th. “While government agencies have been known to miss statutory deadlines before, the CRB has almost always met their deadlines – and in fact is usually a few days early. So I would expect a decision this week. All the trial has been held. Once the decision comes out, there is a limited right to ask for reconsideration, and then any appeals are directed to the Court of Appeals. But, generally, the rates take effect on the 1st, subject to later adjustments should an appeal be successful.” Those that pay these rates include all “non-interactive services” such as Pandora and iHeartradio. This could be make-or-break for Pandora if there is a huge increase in the current rate structure.


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