A Unified Branding Campaign for Radio


(By Buzz Knight) I have to admit, I wasn’t surprised at the reaction to my post last week regarding why the radio industry frequently has backed away from using the term radio. What did surprise me was when I noticed something that has often become foreign to the radio industry.

There was a sense of unity about the topic and the need to reevaluate this discussion.

Certainly, as with any topic, there are dissenting voices but there was a unified common thread to the conversation. This hit me like a 2×4 across the head and I’m going to pounce on a notion I and others have spoken about before: the business needs to band together and develop a branding campaign for radio.

The great Jerry Lee, former owner of WBEB in Philadelphia, has spoken about this in the past. Certainly, Maestro Fred Jacobs has as well. We wouldn’t need research before embarking on the branding campaign because we all know the strengths and assets of the medium.

At a time when unity is in short supply in the country and the radio industry, there would need to be a “check your egos at the door” priority to make this exercise the most productive. There would also need to be a sense of pride and excellence in crafting the proper messaging.

For a business that often has an inferiority complex, there couldn’t be a better time to roll up our sleeves and tackle this. The benefits would help the business perceptions in the advertising community along with assisting perceptions from listeners that the medium is fading. By building trust, credibility, and relevance, the radio industry can re-establish itself as a potent force in the media landscape.

We know the saying “the only constant is change,” and the radio industry must embrace the truth to thrive in the ever-evolving world of mass communication. A well-executed branding campaign will not only help the industry survive but also empower it to flourish once again, capturing the hearts and ears of listeners everywhere.

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