Cataldi Opens Up


Long-time Philadelphia sports host Angelo Cataldi is retiring this December after 33 years on the air. He went on The Press Box podcast this week to talk about his time on the air, and his biggest fear; the cancel culture world we now live in.

On the podcast, Cataldi told host Bryan Curtis that what he won’t miss the most is the political correctness of today and the fact that no matter how much he tries to adjust to it, he knows he’s never fully done it. “And that there’s a trap door there somewhere that could still take me down. Honestly, that’s the thing that scares me the most every day.”

Even with only 6 months left Cataldi admits he still could be canceled. “Just saying something I didn’t mean and being submitted to the cancel culture. It could still happen and it’s a fear everyone in broadcasting has every day, who is on live. Because something may just not come out right. And then suddenly, somebody is alienated and it’s the wrong person to alienate and now you got a battle on your hands. I’d like to be out of it before that happens.”

When the 70-year old Cataldi announced his retirement last October he said burnout was the reason.

Listen to The Press Box podcast with Cataldi HERE.


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