Meruelo Adds Talker on HD in Los Angeles


Los Angeles rock station 95.5 KLOS has launched HD2 radio station “KLOS 2. It will be a talk format programmed by Frank Kramer from the Heidi and Frank Show. Kramer says this was all his idea and Meruelo is giving him the chance to make it work.

“I’m excited to bring all-talk radio back to Southern California,” said Frank, of “The Heidi & Frank Show.” “The listeners have been hungry for it since KLSX ended in 2009, and now that over half of the cars on the road have HD radios, it’s perfect timing.”

Initially, KLOS2 will be a 24-hour Heidi & Frank Show channel. Kramer says that will change in a few months. “The 24-hour loop is just phase one. In the coming months, my team and I will be adding original programming, special features and even more surprises. KLOS2 will ultimately become a full-fledged talk radio station, courting new advertisers and personalities. I appreciate Meruelo Media for trusting my vision to double-down on personality-driven radio, and I can’t wait to get started.”

“We’re excited to offer Frank a second audio platform to expand his creative brand and explore bold new ideas,” stated Otto Padron, President of Meruelo Media. “While 95.5 KLOS-FM will continue to be the flagship station for the daily live version of ‘The Heidi & Frank Show,’ we are certain that fans will love more listening options; which includes the KLOS2 mobile app.”


  1. Let’s hope Meruelo uses the opportunity to jettison the tired right-wing crap which they’ve been featuring from KABC-790. Sounds like this’ll be a much better use of their HD capabilities. Besides, KABC’s fascist fans don’t have the brains to utilize an HD receiver anyway!

    • So amusing to see the uneducated try to accuse others of being dumb. Speaking of fascists – take a look in the mirror! Mussolini didn’t try to cut taxes, he silenced opposition. In other words, like your side.


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