What About That Triton Chart?


Since early 2020 Triton Digital has been producing podcast charts that include the top networks and the top shows. iHeart has never participated in the Triton charts, choosing Podtrac instead. Entercom, Cumulus, NPR, Bonneville and Beasley do subscribe to the Triton chart. Last week iHeart purchased Triton for $230 million.

What happens to the Triton chart has not yet been announced. Does iHeart add itself to the chart now? Do the other radio companies pull out of that chart now that iHeart owns the company. Maybe nothing changes.

The most recent Triton chart had Entercom/Cadence 13 performing very well as the number three network, behind NPR and Stitcher respectively. Entercom’s 500 shows, with 5.4 million average weekly users, generated 20 million weekly downloads, according to Triton. Entercom doesn’t appear on the Podtrac chart (which ranks iHeart #1), Cumulus is on the Podtrac chart, ranked 10th. Cumulus is also on the Triton chart, ranked 4th.

Triton ranks the networks by average weekly downloads. Podtrac ranks them by global downloads and streams.

Confused yet?

To muddy the waters even more, the Podtrac chart claims Cumulus/Westwood One has 112 active shows. The Triton chart says Cumulus/Westwood One has 282 active shows. How can there be that much of a difference?

Imagine if you were an advertiser trying to buy time on a podcast and don’t forget Edison Research puts out a podcast chart as well.


  1. Podtrac’s monthly rankings of Top 20 Podcast Publishers and Top 20 Podcasts is based on US Unique Monthly Audience – NOT Global Downloads and Streams as mentioned in the article.

    The Cumulus/Westwood One shows ranked by Podtrac are those “owned” by them versus being part of their sales/distribution network and owned by others (e.g. all the shows in The Daily Wire network).


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