Overcoming Hispanic Radio Objections


That was the focus of week 4 of Radio Ink’s Hispanic Radio Live Thursday. Our panel included: Ad Executive Ana Crandell, Estrella Media EVP/Ad Sales Jason Hall, Rodolfo Ruiz Sosa, VP of Accounts for Atlanta-based agency PM3 and the panel was moderated by HRN’s Matt Feinberg.

What’s the reason Hispanic radio has a hard time closing deals with new advertisers? Crandell says it’s a result of brands and agencies not thinking about Hispanics earlier in the planning process. “The buyer should have already been made aware of the importance well before the pitch.” She added that unless Hispanic is discussed at the strategic development process, it becomes difficult for someone to put the right product in front of them at the right moment.

And, how should sellers respond when they hear ‘we have no budget?’ Sosa asks a question right back. “You still sell to them, right? And he agreed with Crandell. “Start at the beginning, so trying to “fit it in” is eliminated, erasing problems with budgets and timing.”

Also discussed during the session was English-language creative on Spanish-language stations. Hall said that requires station management to cater the station’s messages to the people they want to serve.

Week five of Hispanic Radio Live is next Thursday at 11:30. Our grand finale includes an Executive Roundtable moderated by NAB CEO Gordon Smith, a presentation from Nielsen and our Medalles de Cortez Awards.

RBR+TVBR Editor Adam Jacobson contributed to this story.


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