Bonneville Suspends Host Over Tweet


Dori Monson has been suspended indefinitely by Bonneville in Seattle for a tweet mocking transgender people. Monson’s Twitter post came during the Washington gubernatorial debate between Governor Jay Inslee and challenger Loren Culp last Wednesday.

Monson tweeted: “Inslee: we follow science in WA. The state where I could go to Olympia tomorrow and change my birth cert to say I was a girl on 10/2/61 HAHAHAHAHA.”

Bonneville’s KIRO-FM and 710 AM ESPN are the flagship stations for Seattle Seahawks football. Monson’s been suspended from hosting the Seahawks’ pregame and postgame radio shows. He also hosts a daily show on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM from noon to 3 p.m.

The Seattle Times reports Monson was not on the air Friday


  1. My vote is for Monson. Bring him back, he’s the best DJ in the Northwest. You PC cops are a large part of what’s wrong in this country, and you’re a bunch of Assholes.

  2. He’s complaining about something that is legal in 46 of 50 states. Why blame Inslee for something that’s legal even in Utah, where Bonneville is based?

    • The state of Washington will change your birth certificate if you show up and ask them to do so. Most other states require the physician to write a note indicating the change has been performed, a change request from the parent or legal guardian OR (in some states) by court order.

      “We follow science in Washington” is absolute BS. Inslee is just plain moronic. Dori is 100% correct.

  3. Wow! The political polarization chasm has become so huge and manifest that even readers/commenters of RadioInk can’t keep their feet out of political dog shit. This is really not the right forum for politics unless it directly negatively impacts our industry. I will agree that I thought we’d have grown up enough, gotten sophisticated enough, to permit divergent views, for example, every type of verbal expression in comedy to pass without censorship as long as it wasn’t done with malice. But the seven dirty words will still get you in trouble if spoken on a licensed broadcast station. George Carlin and Lenny Bruce were not free of censorship back in the day. So why expect it to be different today? Sigh!

  4. Absurd! That tweet wasn’t offensive; it was true. Bonneville should be ashamed of themselves for this level of draconian censorship.

    What corporations don’t understand is that the mainstream consumer, unlike those on the left, won’t protest and picket your building. They won’t chant. You won’t even see them. But they’ll stop doing business with you. It’s a less overt response, but a reality nonetheless for corporations that decide to be overly “woke”. Your revenues slowly decrease and you wonder why. Stuff like this is one reason.

    • Correct.

      If the radio companies are going to play along with the ‘cancel’ culture of the Left, or allow themselves to be easily intimidated by it, their demise will come quicker than we thought.

  5. Cancel Culture takes another scalp. For expressing a valid thought Under First Amendment constitutional protection. How pathetic. George Carlin, Richard Prior and evenThe Three Stooges would have never survived these woke restrictions.

  6. He got suspended for that?? There’s no mockery there. Just truth. Inslee needs to be suspended. So should Bonneville. Give me a break.


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