Huang Charges Dropped


KPCC reporter Josie Huang will not be criminally charged according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s office. Huang was arrested during demonstrations earlier this month.

She received a citation for allegedly violating an obstruction law. She says she was simply doing her job, covering protesters who were being pursued by police.

Huang describes being knocked to the ground, handcuffed and put in a squad car where officers would not allow her to put her face covering back on. She detailed the entire incident HERE.

According to the AP Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Huang was too close to the deputies during an arrest that was being made. The Los Angeles County’s District Attorney’s Office said “it does not appear that she was intentionally attempting to interfere with the deputies, but merely trying to record” the incident. Ms. Huang was in a public area filming a protest. When asked to back up, she is almost immediately grabbed by deputies and taken to the ground, giving her little if any time to comply.”


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