Jonesboro’s Big Heart Makes Wishes Come True


Saga’s Jonesboro, AK, cluster and KAIT-TV in Jonesboro teamed up for the 22nd year for their Have A Heart Wishathon for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A total of $402,376 was raised in the one-day event.

Funds come from all-day broadcasts, 18 “bucket brigade” locations across Northeast Arkansas, fundraisers by school children called “Kids for Wish Kids,” and employee groups and companies who adopt Make-A-Wish for their corporate giving.

Market Manager, President/GM Trey Stafford traveled over 250 miles, Friday, visiting the bucket brigade locations, thanking the volunteers for standing out in 20-degree weather, holding buckets and asking for donations.

“This is the type of localism that keeps radio and television not just relevant, but a vibrant part of our communities,” Stafford said.



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