Report: Dems Tried To Infiltrate Talk Radio In The 90’s


The Washington Free Beacon’s Yuichrio Kakutani reports that Democrats had a secret plan called the Talk Radio Initiative to infiltrate talk radio and constantly repeat talking points to hosts, after Republicans won the house in 1994.

The report says that 4,000 people in 23 states were trained to lie about their identities, deflect difficult questions from hosts, and plant pro-Democrat messages on the radio waves.”

Many talk radio hosts, especially Rush Limbaugh, long believed the Democrats were planting callers into their shows. Rush called them seminar callers. Kakutani’s reporting includes documents from the Clinton Presidential Library.


  1. I’m trying to understand what’s wrong with having divergent opinions in a talk show? Of course in the 90s, Rush was all about “mega-dittos.” All he wanted to hear was people agreeing with him. But that’s what’s wrong with talk radio. A small group of people all agreeing with each other. No actual discussion, no opposing views, all focusing on one subject.

  2. The leftist activist subterfuge referred to in this story is completely believable, to say the least. However, speaking of subterfuge, what is extraordinarily ironic about this story, is that Premiere Radio Networks, whom Rush & Sean (among others) have had relationships with for decades, has for ages engaged in the use of a so-called custom-caller service, which they market as “Premiere On Call.” This “service” has paid part-time contractor “actors” call in to talk shows such as Rush’s and Sean’s posing as listeners, this to provide dynamic, interactive, planned content via listener-generated talking points, stories, anecdotes, opinions…to enable such talk programs to discuss the stories of the show’s liking…. “Long-time listener, first-time caller” keep those calls coming, eh?!


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