Note To FCC: Less Paperwork Please!


Eighty-two broadcasters have asked the FCC to reduce burdensome paperwork. On Thursday, broadcast attorney John Garziglia filed the request on behalf of the group of small-market broadcasters.

The group wants the FCC to reduce the paperwork needed to stay in compliance with the FCC’s EEO rules. They say they do not have the staff to handle what’s required and much of it is nonproductive anyway.

The broadcasters want to be clear they are not challenging the FCC’s EEO goal of employment diversity. The are asking the FCC to reduce the amount of paperwork needed to achieve those goals. Here’s the solution they are proposing:

(1) The removal of the Section 73.2080(d) small-station exemption for notifications of each full-time employment vacancy including now-exempted entry-level stations.
(2) The adoption of a pragmatic and sensible definition of employment unit that includes all employees in a broadcast licensee entity.
(3) A revision of the small-station exemption to be 50 employees in the entire licensee entity, the number of employees regarded by the human resources profession as demarcating smaller from larger entities.

Read the entire 15-page filing HERE.


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