iHeartMedia Signs On The Nielsen Dotted Line


Nielsen executives must be walking around HQ with big smiles on their faces after signing radio’s largest company to a new deal. iHeartMedia has agreed to support Nielsen Media Impact and Continuous Diary Measurement in Nielsen Audio’s four book markets. So with iHeart now onboard, Nielsen will move forward and implement Continuous Diary Measurement as planned in radio markets currently measured four times a year.

Continuous Diary Measurement will start with the July 2019 survey in the 46 Nielsen Audio markets that are currently measured four times a year. The survey period covers April 25 to July 17 and the reports will be delivered between August 14 and August 23. Effective with the launch of CDM, 94 metros will have monthly reporting (48 PPM markets and 46 CDM markets) representing ~80% of radio’s ad spend and population in Nielsen Audio markets. Nielsen will pause its plans to introduce CDM in two book markets while it continues to work with clients to determine the best path forward to evolve radio measurement and establish attribution metrics in the small and mid-size markets.

Nielsen Audio Managing Director Brad Kelly said the company is thrilled to collaborate with iHeart. “Billion-dollar advertisers are telling us with absolute clarity that fresh data and cross-platform media analytics are of paramount importance. These are critical inputs which fuel the marketing mix models — the same models that guide vast marketing and ad spend budgets.”

“The advertising ecosystem is evolving quickly,” continued Kelly. “Nielsen Audio and the radio industry must keep pace. The advancement of Continuous Diary Measurement in combination with Nielsen Media Impact will allow both buyers and sellers of radio to better evaluate, react, and adapt to marketplace changes. We are confident these tools will help level the playing field and bring radio’s attribution metrics on par with other media.”

iHeartMedia Markets Group President Gregg Ashlock said, “Marketing Mix Models need fresh data to get a full understanding of how radio drives sales results and Continuous Diary Measurement enables better attribution with more current data in the larger diary markets. We also look forward to using Nielsen Media Impact to show clients how iHeartMedia substantially improves advertising results in optimized cross-media campaigns.”


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