Xperi, LG To Launch Connected Radio


LG Electronics will be integrating Xperi’s DTS Connected Radio technology into cars next year. DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, including on-air radio program and talent information, artist and song information and station contact information. We reached out to Xperi for more information about this partnersip and here’s what they told us:

Radio Ink: What is this new connected radio all about?
Over the air broadcast combined with IP delivered metadata to create a more compelling radio experience.

Radio Ink: Explain why consumers want an engaging in car radio experience
Consumer’s today expect more than in the past, and their other devices, like phones, provide a rich media experience. We are bringing that to radio.

Radio Ink: How will this sound any different than a regular radio/radio station?
This is really about bringing additional information relevant to the broadcast so that the overall consumer experience is better. Connected Radio works with analog, HD Radio, or any other digital system. Any ‘sound’ improvement comes from going HD Radio.

Radio Ink: What do radio stations in the US need to know?
Providing metadata along with your audio will give consumers a better experience and result in more satisfaction and ‘stickiness’ on the consumer with radio, and your station.

Radio Ink: What do radio stations in the US need to do about this?
Provide song, artist, images, etc. tied to your broadcasts. Work with us to feed that into our connected radio system to make sure when the consumer tunes to your station in the connected radio system they get a great experience.


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