It’s Back To Court For Bubba


It seems we’ve covered more courtroom drama about Bubba The Love Sponge than we have of him on the air. Bubba, who fought with Nielsen for years after he got caught tampering with a panel member, before settling just before his trial, has filed a lawsuit against Cox, Mike Calta and Mathew Lloyd.

Bubba and Calta, who is now the morning host on “102.5 The Bone” in Tampa have been feuding for years. Lloyd was once a member of Bubba’s morning crew. ABC in Tampa is reporting that this new lawsuit claims Cox engineered a scheme that led to Bubba’s firing at the Beasley station he was on in that market. Beasley was the last company to stick with the host before dropping him in Tampa and eventually in Fort Myers. He’s now heard on an AM station in Pinellas Park.

Bubba’s attorney told ABC, “As our complaint alleges, Cox Media has engaged in improper, anti-competitive acts that no major media company should ever employ. Cox Media set out to destroy Bubba Clem – not through honest competition, but through dishonest and illegal means.” This allegation is something Bubba was complaining about as far back as 2017.

This all has to do with the Hulk Hogan sex tape that just never seems to go away. The tape of Hogan with Bubba’s ex-wife. Bubba says both Calta and Lloyd played a role in leaking the tape to Gawker. And, as you know, the Hogan Gawker thing is an entirely different story. Hogan is also suing Calta, Lloyd and Cox Media group over the leak.

Bubba settled his ratings tampering lawsuit with Nielsen in July of 2018. Nielsen was seeking $1 million in damages. The exact amount Bubba paid Nielsen was not disclosed.


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