They Said It, I Didn’t


(By Bob McCurdy) Last week’s blog focused on key stats from 2018. This week’s focuses on insightful quotes from the last 12 months.

Often the best way to reinforce a key point in an email, deck, or client meeting is to reference a quote or another corroborating POV from a respected and influential source, which is why the “An expert said it, I didn’t” approach is effective. It can provide the reluctant or tentative decision-maker with the courage to pull the trigger and commit to what you’re recommending, while providing some protective “air cover” to defend their decision if ever called upon to do so.

The other benefit to having access to and reviewing such quotes is that in the face of prospect or client resistance, they can provide that needed jolt of confidence and conviction necessary to champion your POV or suggested course of action, knowing that others likely more experienced and successful, think similarly.


“Radio has more penetrating power than any other medium.” — Colin Kinsella, CEO Havas Media

“Radio needs our very best, as creatives. Targeting? What’s better than radio? Creative freedom? It’s theater of the mind, where anything is possible. The audience can’t fast forward radio spots.” — Chief Creative Officer Chris Beresford-Hill, TBWA/Chiat Day

“Radio introduces the company and sells the why and why now. The consumer then takes what they have heard on radio and researches more details online. Radio drives awareness and action to the Web, while the digital interface primarily helps the consumer actively seek out a product or service. Radio drives search. We see it time and again with education, auto, entertainment, services… so many categories. Without radio, search decreases.” — Jill Albert, President Direct Results Marketing

“We always see more clicks from digital and social media during radio flights.” — Nancy Haynes, principal, Collins, Haynes & Lully

“Radio’s got that tonnage, it’s got that mass audience, it’s available, easy to reach and free. All the other ways you can use audio do not appear to be coming at the expense of radio. There are just as many people listening to radio now as in past years, they’re just finding other ways to also listen. It’s an additive thing.” — Jon Miller, VP of Audience Insights, Nielsen Audio

“Radio has a choice — find a way to make aging Baby Boomers a vital, viable, and marketable demographic. Or begin a serious focus on Generation Z, and its future. Why not do both?” — Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media Strategies

“The time-spent with Facebook per-person here in the U.S. has been dropping dramatically. Just imagine the hysterical headlines about the ‘death of television or radio’ if usage of those media were dropping at these rates.” — Bob Hoffman/Ad Contrarian

“What radio does more than any other medium is it allows you to really get close to your audience. When you do TV, they acknowledge you, they nod their head. But when you do radio, they feel like they know everything about you. They feel like they’re your best friend — or maybe your worst enemy, if they don’t like you.”  — Mike Francesa WFAN, air personality

“Billion-dollar advertisers are rediscovering the power of radio and how it can augment, supplement, and amplify their media mix.” — Brad Kelly, Managing Director of Nielsen Audio

“A lot of buyers want to get back into TV, radio, out-of-home, and print because they feel like in digital they can get lost. The most accountable media turned into the least accountable media and the most filled with fraud.” — Colin Kinsella, CEO Havas Media

“The radio station of tomorrow involves thinking far beyond terrestrial broadcasting and instead morphing into a marketing powerhouse in which radio is only one part of the offering.” — Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates

“The idea is that hearing the message, and seeing the message from different sources, creates greater validity, awareness, and recall in the mind of the consumer.” — Brad Kelly, Managing Director of Nielsen Audio


“I’m lucky in being able to work wherever I am, at any time, and don’t see work and play as separate – it’s all living.” — Billionaire Richard Branson

“Salespeople who can’t turn facts into a story are not artists but failed peddlers. In the end it’s all about facts that have been expertly woven into a story. People buy stories and not facts.” — Unknown

“Newton had it right… you’re going to need to go uphill in order to go downhill. The hard work is digging in deeper than usual on the uphills–that’s the best chance you have to earn a downhill later.” — Seth Godin

“The thing that succeeds is going to be way outside from what somebody even thought was possible” — Will Smith, actor

“So I dare you — I mean double-dare you — to become more daring.” — Lisa Thal, Hubbard Interactive

“If I am happy at home, I come into the office with tremendous energy. And if I am happy at work, I come home with tremendous energy. You want to come into the office and give everyone a kick in their step.” — Jeff Bezos

“Pray at the feet of hard work. Be ravenous in reading about your field, whichever you wind up in and for however long.” — Ken Langone, 82, founder of Home Depot

“We think with all the work that we’re doing, we should be automatically be rewarded at the end of it. In reality, we do all this work to hopefully get a shot. It’s not that you do all the work and then there’s a happy ending or even an ending. There’s not even an ending, it’s onto the next challenge!” — Bobby Bones, air personality.

“What would it take for you to learn enough and practice enough and invest enough to truly be one of the top 5%? That’s something you can achieve in exchange for focus and effort.” — Seth Godin

“If you want to keep things the same, the only way to do that is to change. The more you want to keep things the same, the more you need to change.” — Rishad Tobaccowalla, Chief Growth Officer Publicis Groupe


“Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom — and that boom is only getting louder.” — Miranda Katz, Wired

“Think of podcasting as influencer marketing.” — Expert Panel, Forbes Agency Council

“Podcast brand recall was 4.4x better than display ads on other digital media platforms, including scroll ads, static ads, and pop-up ads.” — Nielsen/Midroll Survey

“If you like radio because it’s intimate, podcasts are 10x.” — Brad Mielke, Host of START HERE


“Retailers who pigeonhole consumers solely based on demographics like  age, income, or gender are doing themselves a disservice.” — RetailMeNot

“For the first time, marketers will have no choice but to consider the audio characteristics of their brands and what persona they should adopt.” — WARC

“The best way to deal with disruption is to lead it.” — Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

“Across demos, the Kantar Dimensions study found connected consumers are more positive about advertising on traditional radio and TV than on their streaming counterparts. They’re more comfortable with it and more likely to be positive about it than through online channels, where it can seem more intrusive and more overwhelming.”  — Elaine Chen, VP, Marketing Communications North America, Kantar Media

“The pace of change will never be this slow again.” — Shelly Palmer, author and consultant

“It’s clear that marketers are suffering from PTSOD (post-traumatic shiny object disorder), developed after experiencing too many PowerPoint presentations from ad-tech, mar-tech, whatever-tech companies promising the holy grail of the ‘right message to the right person at the right time.’ Becoming distracted by the shiny objects took our eye off the ball. We forgot to focus on what matters.” — Steven Wolfe Pereria, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Quantcast

A lot of smart people said a lot of positive and supportive things about our industry and profession in 2018. There’s an awful lot of powerful messaging in what you’ve just reviewed. It is to our collective benefit to both embrace and share these thoughts/opinions with co-workers, existing clients, and those who might be contemplating giving radio a shot in 2019.

At a minimum they should be able to spice up decks or emails in the coming months.

Bob McCurdy is The Vice President of Sales for The Beasley Media Group and can be reached at [email protected]


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