SCBA Reports Record Political Year


The Southern California Broadcasters Association is reporting that 2018 was a record year for political ad revenue for radio in Los Angeles and San Diego. Here are all the details.

Total political ad revenue for 2018 for the Los Angeles market was $14,669,603 and is a 572.5% increase over 2017 which was $2,181,443. Total political revenue for 2018 for the San Diego market was $2,371,419 and is 1,849.7% increase over 2017 which was $121,629. Total political ad revenue for both markets in 2018 was an impressive $17,041,022, making Southern California the nation’s leading political ad revenue powerhouse for the Radio industry in 2018.

The Los Angeles political ad revenue performance is even more impressive when comparing 2018 to the 2016 Presidential election cycle. 2016 political revenue for Los Angeles was $13,159,224 while the midterm election cycle year in 2018 exceeded 2016 by $1,510,379 or a 10.1% growth rate.

“PAC’s, propositions, and candidates all invested heavily in Southern California Radio to achieve their goals of reach, frequency, and ROI, as well as motivating and influencing large numbers of tax paying, employed voters”, said Thom Callahan, President of the SCBA. “With so many media choices, Broadcast Radio continues to stand out as a powerful and effective platform to reach and influence registered voters”, said Callahan.


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