Salem Launches National Ad Agency


The name of the new division is Salem Surround and it will have a presence in 35 markets across the country. In addition to selling audio and digital advertising on its 116 radio stations and websites, Salem Surround will offer a suite of digital marketing services to “develop and execute audience-based marketing strategies for clients on both the local and national levels.”

Salem’s CEO Edward Atsinger commented, “From our beginning as just a few local radio stations to the nationwide multi-platform media company we are today, Salem has worked hard to stay in tune with our listeners, readers, clients, and partners to meet their growing needs. Salem Surround is yet another way for us to serve with excellence nationwide, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Salem’s President of Broadcast Media David Santrella added, “Every member of our sales team is now a Media Strategist able to provide integrated marketing strategies to advertisers across the country. This is an exciting time for Salem to bring our clients next-level service. Our team’s decades of experience in the marketing and broadcast industries married with the latest tactics in digital marketing has resulted in a best-of-all-worlds approach to reaching and connecting with consumers.”


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