SCBA Publishes Digital Information Series


The Southern California Broadcasters Association has published a series of essays on digital advertising. The series was created to help sellers understand the digital space and how to position their stations and digital platforms as enhancements to client’s digital strategies. Each series focuses on one topic and how it relates to Radio and Southern California clients.

“Where the digital dollars are going” examines where digital dollars are being spent through 2020 and examines that growth and its impact on Radio budgets.

This is the fourth in a series of essays designed to assist SCBA members in understanding digital and positioning Radio as an important and essential partner to clients. The previous SCBA Digital Information Series essays focused on a digital media agency’s solicitation note and its approach to new clients, the top trends in digital advertising for 2018, and an overview of, a clearing house for processing an auto dealers digital coop funds.

“The need for our member sales teams to have a solid working knowledge of non-radio digital platforms is critical to Radio’s future,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan. “Southern California Radio must be an informative and trusted source to our clients and the SCBA Digital Information Series is designed to expand our client meetings at a higher level of engagement. Digital ads, in all of its formats, now represent 50% of all advertising dollars in the U.S. However, digital is not without its serious issues for clients. We must embrace that fact and realize Radio’s powerful platforms can be a very compelling investment, as we compare and contrast Radio and digital.”

The SCBA Digital Information Series can be found at


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