Audioboom Purchasing Triton Digital


Audioboom announced Tuesday morning its intention to purchase Triton Digital Canada, the parent company of Triton Digital for $185 million. The deal will be a reverse takeover, and once complete, the new company will be called Triton Digital Group. Neal Schore and Mark Rosenbaum, currently Triton’s president and CEO respectively will lead the new company. Schore will be CEO and Rosenbaum will become executive vice president and CFO. Current Audioboom CEO Robert Proctor will remain on the new company’s board as an executive director. We are told the entire Triton team will remain in place.


  1. Some CEOs are really carnival barkers selling snake oil to unsuspecting patrons. The Brits may have bad teeth…and the AIM market is essentially the wild Wild West of stock markets…but even there, it is highly unlikely there are enough fools to buy $185M worth of Triton Stock. 1 in a million shot this deal will consummate at anything close to this price…if at all.


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