The Radio Executive of the Year


    It will come as no surprise that Radio Ink has chosen Entercom CEO David Field as the 2017 Radio Executive of The Year. Field orchestrated one of the most successful radio mergers of all time in 2017, which helped create one of the industry’s largest companies and may also have put the entire radio industry in a position to change how it’s perceived by big advertisers.

    Field is now running a company that is not saddled with debt and he’s promised to use his new platform to promote the radio industry as much as his own company.

    Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti said “There could have been only one choice for Radio Ink’s Executive of the Year and that was David Field. With the acquisition of the CBS radio stations and his “hit the ground running” initiatives, he has clearly demonstrated remarkable leadership and executive skills. We are proud to honor him and look forward to following the story he is crafting for Entercom and the industry.”

    Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan, our 2001 Radio Executive of The Year, tells Radio Ink, “I can’t think of anyone better to lead the renaissance of radio than David. His passion and intellect give him the perfect combination to guide the industry into the future. I’ve known David and his Dad, Joe for many years. Their commitment to our industry and our people will serve our future very well. He’s the perfect recipient of this Award.

    This is Field’s 2nd time being honored as The Radio Execuive of The Year (2006). He will appear on the cover of the January 8, 2018 issue of Radio Ink magazine.

    Here is a list of our past Executive of The Year honorees.
    1993 Gary Fries
    1994 Mel Karmazin
    1995 Eddie Fritts
    1996 James DeCastro and Scott K. Ginsburg
    1997 Bob Sillerman
    1998 Steven Hicks
    1999 Lowry Mays
    2000 Mays Brothers
    2001 Jeff Smulyan
    2002 Larry Wilson
    2003 Lew Dickey
    2004 Bob Neil
    2005 John Hogan
    2006 David Field
    2007 Peter Smyth
    2008 Jerry Lee
    2009 Charles Warfield
    2010 Bruce Reese
    2011 Dan Mason
    2012 Ed Christian
    2013 Jose Valle
    2014 Steven Price
    2015 Don Benson
    2016 Larry Wilson
    2017 Caroline Beasley


    1. Mr. Field is both a great and obvious choice this year. The Radio Industry needs a champion to carry it’s message. Radio’s unmatched reach – and stable audience levels through the media upheaval – are what business needs to rely on to deliver their message.


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