Entercom Teaming With Analytic Owl


On Friday, Entercom also announced a new deal with AnalyticOwl, a company CBS Radio had been using for audience analytics. The tool will help the company track and quantify the impact of advertising campaigns.

CEO David Field said, “As the number one reach medium in the United States delivering outstanding ROI to customers, Radio is an optimal medium for advertisers to reach their targeted audiences, and Entercom Audience Analytics further enhances our value to our clients.”


  1. #1 Reach Medium in the US..And what’s he smoking???

    Ever hear of television?? Pretty Funny how people can talk themselves into believing anything………

    • “As highlighted in Nielsen’s report, State of the Media: Audio Today, radio reaches more Americans than any other platform. On a weekly basis, more people listen to radio than watch TV or consume content on smartphones.”

      You were saying?


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