iHeart Maxes Out In Boston And Seattle


iHeartMedia already had six stations in Boston and six stations in Seattle before picking up four Boston stations (two from Entercom and two from CBS) and adding three CBS stations in Seattle in this massive transaction to help Entercom close its merger with CBS.

In order to make this happen, iHeart will be divesting two FM stations in Seattle – KFOO and KUBE – and one AM station, WKOX, in Boston. These stations will be put into a divestiture trust and iHeart will explore sale options for them.

The stations iHeart is getting in Boston are:
WRKO-AM (Entercom)
WKAF-FM (Entercom)

The stations in Seattle:


  1. This is a sad day for radio. WBZ in Boston is a legendary 50,000 watt clear channel station, with about 70 years of heritage success. And now WBZ is being taken over by the train wreck called IHeart, with it’s 22 billion dollars in debt and no answers. Bib Pittman and iHeart are focused on cutting expenses, replacing full-time radio personalities with $12 an hour announcers, and to voice tracking whenever possible. A live and local heritage station, with full-time decently paid professionals and a real support staff, is not at all something that Pittman or iHeart will appreciate or try to improve.

    • You’ve obviously never listened to WLW, KFI, WOAI, or KOA. These are top-rated heritage stations with full staffs, all of whom make more than $12 an hour. The fact is that WBZ isn’t a 24/7 news operation like KYW or WINS. Even under CBS management, the station was changing focus. So if that continues, it won’t be because of the owner, but rather because of the changing demographic of the audience.


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