RAB Wants to Help You Hire The Best People


The Radio Advertising Bureau is partnering with Assessments 24×7, a company led by CEO Dr. Tony Alessandra (pictured here). As a result of this collaboration the RAB will be offering its members direct access to the Executive Summary Sales assessment bundle, which provides managers with three hiring assessments: The DISC profile, The Motivators, and the Hartman Value Profile.

RAB President and CEO Erica Farber said, “A vital component of RAB’s mission is to provide the tools and resources to help the radio industry attract new sales talent and enhance industry professionalism through training and support. We believe this new partnership with Dr. Tony Alessandra will be a valuable benefit to our members, and help us further deliver our mission and enable managers to more effectively increase the productivity and profitability of their teams.”

Dr. Alessandra added, “Selecting the wrong salesperson can cost a radio station many thousands of dollars AND negatively impact a station’s morale, productivity and customer satisfaction. Employing the RAB online assessments can help differentiate high and low sales candidates to help hire high performers with longevity.”

Detailed information including a sample report, a video explanation of the Executive Summary Sales bundle and pricing are available HERE.


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