Blue Hill Avenue Boston — A Pirate Hotbed


In the FCC’s continuing crackdown on pirate radio stations, four Boston-area residents were given 10 days to respond to the Commission and shut down their illegal operations. The Commission alleges that two pirate radio stations were being run on the same road in Dorchester, only two doors apart. Here are all the details.

Richard Clouden of Boston is accused of operating an illegal station at 101.3 from a property he leases at 614 Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, MA. Quinton Joseph and Michelle Joseph of Dorchester, Massachusetts, were also told to stop operating a pirate station at 105.3 from a commercial building two doors away in Dorchester at 616 Blue Hill Avenue. The Commission also sent a letter to Talya Andrea Lantz of Boston who owns the building at 614 Blue Hill Avenue.


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