Harvey Hits 100


The Steve Harvey Morning Show, syndicated by Premiere Networks, now has 100 affiliates across the country. Premiere Networks President Julie Talbot said, “This is a major milestone for Steve Harvey and his team, who have successfully entertained and inspired millions of listeners since The Steve Harvey Morning Show was launched nearly 17 years ago. The program’s continued growth and success is a testament to their hard work and dedication, and we look forward to reaching many more milestones together.”

The show has about 7 million listeners and Harvey recently renewed his contract with iHeartMedia to keep Premiere as his syndicator.

Harvey said this milestone has him beaming. “To be in the 100 club is so gratifying, and to have growth after all this time is a testament to my crew’s hard work and willingness to evolve. We keep looking for ways to improve to give our listeners the best morning we can. Shirley, Carla, Tommy, Kier, and now J. Anthony — thank you for making it happen.”


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