Lakes Files Comments on Aztec Rulemaking Petition


Following up on the FCC letter ordering the cessation of the operation of Arohi Media translator in Durham, Lakes Media has submitted Comments to the Commission that strongly rebut the Rule Making Petition submitted by Aztec Capital Partners. Lakes Media President Tom Birch says, “Had the Aztec Petition been accepted for rule making at the time of the Lakes Complaint, the FCC would likely have dismissed our complaint and allowed translator interference that would have effectively reduced WLUS coverage from Class C-3 to Class A without compensation.”

The Lakes Comment seeks language in Section 74.1203(a)(3) and Section 74.1204(f) that would strengthen and simplify interpretation of the regulations to facilitate efficient and rapid remediation of interference. Specifically, Lakes proposes that no CP applications be accepted for siting within a Primary station 40 dBu contour, that all CP applications be accompanied by engineering studies proving no co-channel Primary station interference, that submission of an interference Complaint (accompanied by a minimum of six bona fide listener complaints) set into motion a time-staged sequence of actions including (a) immediate cessation of translator transmissions, (b) field strength measurement by an FCC engineer or local engineer mutually agreeable to the translator and Primary station licensees and (c) prompt FCC ruling following receipt of the measurements.

Check out the comments HERE


  1. It is Lake, here, that wants to bend the rules. The 40 dbu contour is considered an interfering contour, not a service contour, when it butts upon against the 60 dbu service contour of an adjacent channel full power station station.


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