2 Radio Employees Killed While Facebook Live Rolls


And the killing took place while host Luis Manuel Medina was streaming his show live on Facebook. Gunmen killed Medina and radio station director Leonidas Martínez. Secretary Dayana García is in a serious condition after being shot in the stomach.

The murders occurred in the San Pedro de Macorís municipality of the Dominican Republic on Tuesday at “FM 103.5.”

Medina was presenting the investigative news show Milenio Caliente, or Hot Millenium, on Tuesday morning in the Caribbean nation, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and is a popular beach destination for foreign tourists.

The New York Times was reporting late Wednesday night that three men were arrested for the killings.


  1. This is terribly sad and brought up a memory. I remember traveling to Jamaica years ago on a radio promotion and one afternoon my co-host and I walked the beach and found a radio station literally broadcasting to the island from a make-shift hut. We walked in, said hello and the DJ invited us in for an impromptu interview. Afterwards I wondered about security and the ease of access beachcombers had to the live broadcast. From the pictures I’ve seen of the attach in the D.R. it looks like people could just walk up to the sliding glass door. Crazy. But, then again, what’s to stop people from attacking radio personalities at remotes? Not much.


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