Setting The Record Straight About Radio


(By Bob McCurdy) The latest USA TouchPoints data for 2016 (Jan ’16-Oct ’16) has just been published and it again confirms the popularity of AM/FM programming and the key role it should play in any media campaign.

We have written about this research often. The granularity of the data is stunning and the methodology is as good as it gets.

This data, embraced by major agencies across the country, can assist us in setting the record straight regarding radio and its position within the audio and media landscape, as it currently exists, not as it’s often thought to be.

The respondents in this study download a mobile app that requires them to answer the following questions. The average respondent answers them close to a dozen times daily:

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

What media are you using?

How do you feel?

USA TouchPoints provides much more than the compelling media usage insights that follow, as the depth of understanding regarding the path to purchase as well as the mindset and attitudes of consumers while using various media is extraordinary.

What follows is an incredibly powerful story for us.

AM/FM programming has a 60 share of A18-64 listening in the U.S:


Over half of all Millennials listening is to AM/FM programming:


And more than one out of every five A25-54 media minutes, Monday-Friday 6A-6P, is to AM/FM programming:


No better time to tell this story than today.


  1. The year-1960. Radio wonders if anyone listens to it.

    The year-1980. Radio wonders if anyone listens to it.

    The year-2000. Radio wonders if anyone listens to it.

    The year-2017. Radio still wonders if anyone listens to it.

    Radio belongs on the couch.

  2. Bob, Thanks for sharing your pro-radio information from time to time. We’re finding the toughest sell today is not selling advertiers so much as it is selling your sellers. They’re beat up on the street with baseless objections every day and information like this can set the record straight and bolster their confidence.

    • Wayne,

      I suspect that these radio salespeople who are getting “beat up by baseless objections” are just losing control of the conversation. They are young, inexperienced and not particularly good at staying cool under fire.
      Let’s hope that their employer holds that radio’s effectiveness and worth is not negotiable. This can start with stating that media mix is never advocated and sales consultants who permit media mix are never allowed on the premises.


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