iHeartMedia Named In Fast Company Article


The mention was in a piece on Fast Company’s list of “10 Bold Rebrands That Made A Big Difference,” published Monday.

Clear Channel became iHeartMedia in 2014 and iHeartRadio now has 84% brand awareness among consumers. The rebranding also highlighted the company’s multiplatform range of assets and how consumers and advertisers engage seamlessly across them.

iHeartMedia’s platforms include radio broadcasting, online, mobile, digital and social media, podcasts, personalities and influencers, live concerts and events, syndication, music research services and independent media representation.


  1. 84% awareness, with 0 profit in 7 years since Bob Pittman took charge. And now 22 billion dollars in debt. So much for brand awareness. Maybe it will help in bankruptcy court, when the employees get hurt while the top guys like Pittman might cherry pick the company’s top market stations and buy them for pennies on the dollar. Actually, not a bad scam!


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