Radio Will Add 2%, Grow To $17.7 Billion in 2016


That’s according to new data released by MoffettNathanson Research. The company says traditional advertising has been keeping pace with digital the past few quarters. Q2 ad spending rose 2.5%, but digital is still getting most of the attention. When digital is included in the figures, total advertising was up 11.5% in the quarter. For the year MoffettNathanson predicts U.S. ad spending will be up 8.1% overall to $191.2 billion with radio taking in $17.7 Billion of that total. Read more about the MoffettNathanson study HERE at MediaPost.


  1. Uhm…”sales guy.” Not trolling for clients. We haven’t done “Radio” clients for years. Multimedia clients? Yep.
    But, you may want to take a look at the Midwest lineup. They have web sites, they stream, they sell multimedia ads. Something tells me that you need to rethink your definition of “Radio” or get a new sales job.

  2. More advice from consultants who have some time for new clients.
    Radio is doing fine. Duke Wright just bought some more stations. Duke knows more about business than both of these writers ever will. RadioInk, if these underemployed “consultants’ who comment here want some clients, tell them to buy an ad and don’t bother us-guys like Patric.

  3. As long as “Radio” (traditional terrestrial broadcasters) continue to measure their income against digital, while ignoring the fact that much of their income is derived from digital streaming, on-demand listening, and digital graphic advertising along with exploiting social media…these kinds of conversations and comparisons are ridiculous.

    The thing that will save radio from itself, is admitting that the term “radio” needs to be changed to “multimedia.”

    Straight terrestrial “radio” dollars haven’t existed for more almost two decades.


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