Another Big Name Leaving CBS Radio


The big changes continue at CBS. The person who spearheaded CBS Radio’s digital strategy is leaving the company. After six years in the position of President of CBS Local Digital Media, Ezra Kucharz is leaving that position May 6. Last week, after 13 years with the company, Senior VP of Communications for CBS Radio, Karen Mateo also announced she was departing.

No word yet on when or whether CBS will fill Kucharz’ position. The flurry of changes comes just a short time after CBS made it clear it intended to pin-off the radio business. Kucharz told his team he’d be transitioning into the role of special advisor to the CEO. “I love this place and team, but I do believe that the time has come for me to explore my next chapter. I’m excited that I will have the opportunity to pursue my other interests while still being part of the company.” No word yet on whether CBS Radio will fill that position.

Kucharz also told members of his team that six years ago they launched a business that unified the radio and television stations digital businesses of a major media company. “At first, many thought it couldn’t be done. Since then, we have proven the skeptics wrong. We have led the local broadcast industry into a new era, one where digital has become a major and important part of everyday business life. Our activities are now often copied by many of our peers in the industry.



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