College Stations Take Note….Follow The Rules


The FCC has granted the license renewal of Bryant University college radio station WJMF-FM in Smithfield, Rhode Island, but only for four years, not the full eight. And the station was hit with a $12,000 fine. Here’s why.

The FCC says the station failed to retain all the required documentation in its public inspection file. The Commission said after a review of the student run station’s public file it was revealed that a copy of the 2011 biennial ownership report and contour map were missing. The ownership report and contour map were placed in the file on November 20, 2013. In addition, it was discovered in early 2012 that the issues/programs lists for quarters prior to 2Q 2011 were missing from the file. Although two students were hired the summer of 2012 to prepare the missing lists, and the lists were prepared, the University’s attempts to locate these lists have not been successful.

WJMF-FM has been a student run station until August 2011.


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