Walgreens Tops Chart For Fourth Week


That’s four consecutive weeks as the top radio advertiser according to Media Monitors. Walgreens placed over 57,000 ads on radio stations all over the country last week. Burger King was a distant second with just under 37,000 ads. GEICO held on to the number three position with 35,239 commercials aired. Jackson Hewitt was fourth with 27,828, followed by Lowes, rounding out the top five, with 27,350.


  1. “WOW” How about radio ads i South AL. I work for Goforth Media Inc. There is a Walgreen’s Store 2 mile from our studios. Goforth Media has 6 station on the air covering SW Al , SE MS & NW FL. Ad type available.
    WBHY AM talk & Programs – Commercial ads
    WLPR AM S. G. Music – Commercial ads
    WBHY FM CCM music – non-commercial ads/ announcements / but no commercials FCC rules apply to the non-com station listed.


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