Radio Show Moves to Vegas Permanently


The NAB announced on Thursday that the annual Radio Show will permanently integrate into the bigger Las Vegas NAB Show on an ongoing basis beginning in April 2022. The Radio Show would have been in Las Vegas this year before both shows were canceled due to COVID.

The Radio Show, jointly produced by the RAB and NAB, had to be canceled in 2020 (Nashville) and 2021 (New Orleans) due to COVID. When the New orleans show was canceled, organizers were hoping to move the show to Las Vegas with the larger NAB show, which also wound up being canceled.

“In today’s world where radio companies are essentially multimedia companies, the value in attending NAB Show cannot be overstated,” said David Santrella, president of Broadcast Media at Salem Media Group and NAB joint board chair. “We are now streaming and podcasting and even producing video. NAB Show provides unparalleled access to the critical tools, knowledge and connections we need to grow and thrive in today’s media business.”

“It’s important that we continue to bring radio professionals together to network, celebrate audio and engage in meaningful discussions around the future of our industry,” said Erica Farber, president and CEO of the RAB.

The Radio Show website is now a basic website that says an “all-new radio experience awaits you in 2022 in Las Vegas.”


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